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With several choices of materials, sizes, corrections and cover options, the iB700 series offers custom orthotics that adapt perfectly to the foot.

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Lightweight, high-performing and durable. The iB200 series of knee braces offers the OA option and stands out for its exclusive support system.

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Cranial helmet

3D scan measurements allow for fast and accurate manufacture of baby cranial orthotics. The iB800 series offers custom orthotics that perfectly fit the child’s head.

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Ankle foot

Fixed or articulated, rigid or flexible. Discover the iB300 series, the finest digitally designed ankle-foot orthotics.

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Back braces

Available in 24/7 express service, the iB400 series features lumbar (LSO) and thoracolumbar back braces(TLSO) to ensure optimal support and reduce healing time.

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iBrace Technology

iBrace technology pushes the boundaries of the design and manufacture of computer-assisted orthotics. 3D scanning and 3D printing combine with the industry’s fastest and most efficient mobile app mean the end of plaster molds and prefabricated orthotics; custom orthotic have never been easier, faster or more accessible.

Scan with a few clicks, apply the required corrections and send your orders directly from your tablet to obtain superior custom orthotics.

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Through 3D digitization, 3d printing and a mobile app, iBrace provides health care professionals with a simple technology solution that significantly reduces clinical time and optimizes the patient experience.

By becoming an iBrace partner, you provide your patients with a full range of superior custom orthotics and, most importantly, maximum comfort.

iBrace, the best solution for you and your patients.

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Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

August 19, 2020

One in 6 Canadians has knee osteoarthritis (OA) . A custom knee brace can go a long way in relieving pain and restoring patient...

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Plaster cast or 3D scanning?

August 5, 2020

Whether for manufacturing plantar, tibial or knee brace, the two main techniques for taking measurements are plaster casting and 3D scanning; but which one...

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Treatment of plagiocephaly

July 8, 2020

Plagiocephaly, or flat head syndrome, is a cranial deformation that affects in the first months of their life, hundreds of newborns in...

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