Cranial Orthoses

iB800 series

The iBrace baby helmet cranial orthosis effectively corrects the shape of the skull of a child with plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) or brachycephaly.

The iBrace technology makes it possible to to measure the child’s head in seconds without contact, using a 3D scan without wave diffusion. All data required to make a custom helmet becomes immediately available.

  • iB800

Cranial Orthotics

Ideal to effectively corrects the skull shape of a children with plagiocephaly, iBrace baby helmet cranial orthotics are designed with great precision to offer the best support and maximum comfort. Thanks to 3D scanning, the measurement is made in seconds, without any contact and safely.


  1. Maximum comfort and support
  2. Reduction of cranial asymmetry
  3. No plaster, measurements by 3D scanning
  4. High-quality custom orthotics
  5. Robotic and ultra-precise manufacturing
  6. Wide variety of finishes


  1. Positional Plagiocephaly
  2. Flat head syndrome
  3. Brachycephaly
  4. Asymmetry and cranial deformation

Safe Process

  1. Measurement in seconds
  2. Contactless 3D scanning
  3. Optimized, stress-free experience
  4. 3D technology without wave diffusion
  5. High precision custom design
  6. Certified materials and free from harmful agents
  7. Stable and painless orthotic
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