Better custom orthotics


Our commitment: to provide you with the best custom orthotics and braces. The full range of orthotics comes from iBrace technology using the most advanced processes in computer-aided design and robotized production. From head to toe, iBrace offers superior custom orthotics and, most importantly, maximum comfort.

Our orthotics


Exclusive system for ensuring stability. OA Option with clinically proven results. Semi-rigid, rigid or extreme, the three custom knee braces in the iB200 series provide the desired stability and control to the closest millimeter and degree.

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The wide selection of superior quality materials, models and correction options enables us to create the best custom-made foot orthotics. Lighter, thin and durable, they adapt naturally to the feet.

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Ankle foot

Choose the best digitally designed custom ankle-foot orthotics. Fixed or articulated, rigid or flexible, our ankle foot orthotics (AFO) bring stability and alignment to a higher level.

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Measure the baby’s head with a 3D scan and then obtain a custom-made cranial orthosis that effectively corrects the baby’s skull shape.

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Available in 24/7 express service, our lumbar-sacral orthotics (LSO) and thoracolumbar-sacral orthotics (TLSO) are custom designed. They ensure the best support and optimal comfort while reducing healing time.

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