Foot orthotics


The iBrace foot orthotic provides several benefits for both health care professionals and orthotic users. The results of iBrace technology, including 3D scan measurements, are extremely accurate. Every stage is optimized to provide orthotics that naturally adapt to the feet. Our wide range of high-quality materials and foot orthotic models make it possible to design the ideal orthosis for every patient’s pathology.

  • iB700

Foot Orthotics

For both daily activities and sports, iBrace custom-made foot orthotics provide maximum comfort. From design to manufacture, each step is optimized in order to obtain an orthotic that adapts naturally and perfectly to the feet.


  1. Maximum comfort and stability
  2. Natural adaptation to the feet
  3. Thin, resistant and efficient
  4. Measurement by 3D scanning
  5. High-quality custom orthotics
  6. Wide choice of materials and options
  7. Robotic and ultra-precise manufacturing
  8. Shockproof technology for superior comfort


  1. Diabetes
  2. Flat and hollow feet
  3. Knee and back pain
  4. Lenoir’s thorn (heel pain)
  5. Plantar fasciitis (pain in the arch)
  6. Metatarsalgia
  7. Morton’s neuroma
  8. Hallux valgus

Correction Options

  1. Heel lift and stabilizer
  2. Internal and transverse arch modification
  3. Anterior and posterior slants
  4. Metatarsal bars and pads
  5. Extension for Morton’s neuroma
  6. Insole cut
  7. Cushioning options
  8. Several other options available
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