Maintenance and installation of your iBrace knee brace


The iBrace knee brace is specially designed to improve your life quality. It will allow you to regain your mobility and/or relieve your pain. Here, you will find instructions for the care and installation of your knee brace. Thanks to this checklist, you will be able to take full advantages of its benefits and ensure its durability.

Installation of your brace

Good positioning is essential

  • Sit on the edge of a chair with your heel on the floor and your knee slightly bent
  • Place the brace joint on your knee, aligning its joint center with the center of your knee (at the height of the center of your kneecap and, in depth, at the halfway point of your knee, excluding the kneecap)
  • Press the thigh section of the brace and the shin section of the brace against your leg. Make sure they lie flat and follow their segments
  • Attach strap 1 and tighten it comfortably. The tension should be sufficient without being uncomfortable. Do not over tighten the straps
  • Attach straps 2, 3 and 4 in the order shown. Finally, tighten strap 1 again to limit the sliding of the brace

In case of discomfort

Redness, numbness or pressure points

  • Is your brace slipping? Reposition it
  • Align the joint center of the knee with the center of the brace
  • Make sure the thigh and shin sections are flat on your leg
  • Attach the straps in the correct order without over-tensioning
  • Increase the tension on strap 1
  • If discomfort persists or adjustments are required, discontinue use of your knee brace and contact your brace provider

Care and maintenance tips

Extend the life of your brace

  • Use a mild antibacterial soap and a damp cloth to clean your brace
  • Gently clean the straps and cushions, thigh and shin lining daily.
  • Never use the dryer or hair dryer. Blot up the excess water and let it air dry
  • Regularly check the joint for foreign objects. Do not disassemble the joint
  • Caution: your knee brace should not be submerged in water, as this could damage the mechanism

Recommendations for use

Use your brace properly

  • Do not share your brace with another person. It has been designed to fit your leg
  • Your brace is designed to be worn directly against the skin. If this causes discomfort, add a thin fabric layer underneath
  • Avoid wearing your brace directly on a wound or on a surface with skin damage

Please note: The iBrace knee brace is designed to address your knee dysfunction. We guarantee its custom fit to your leg,(and the) frame, joints and straps. We cannot guarantee the result or be held responsible for any injury or knee dysfunction during use. Your health care professional should instruct you on its use and define the activities you can do with and without your brace.

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