3D scan orthosis manufacturer


With 35 years of knowledge, iBrace, a 3D scan orthosis manufacturer, proudly represents the next generation of orthopaedic equipment. iBrace technology allows for the design of a full range of custom orthoses using a 3D scanner and a mobile app exclusive to iBrace.

The perfect "fit"

iBrace technology enables health care professionals to take ultraprecise measurements by capturing images using a 3D scan and then applying the desired corrections directly from their tablet to the nearest degree and millimeter.

State-of-the-art Technology

Our orthoses use the most advanced processes in computer-aided design and robotized manufacturing. At our state-of-the-art 3D scan orthosis facility, we make custom orthoses of the highest quality, providing rapid results at competitive prices.

No More Plaster Molds and Prefab Orthoses

The design and manufacture of 3D scan orthoses makes for a better patient experience while optimizing clinical time. Getting more comfortable and effective orthoses on the first tray makes for a win-win situation for everyone.

High Quality Standards

iBrace technology provides custom orthoses that meet all your requirements as they are subjected to strict quality control tests to provide outstanding product and maximum comfort.

iBrace, custom orthoses in just 4 simple and quick steps

1. Scan

  • Using the iBrace mobile app
  • Take measurement with a few clicks
  • Produce 3D scan images

2. Design

  • Using the iBrace mobile app
  • Apply the required corrections
  • Multiple choice of options and adjustments

3. Process

  • Using the iBrace mobile app
  • Prepare the production estimate
  • Send your order to our plant

4. Receive

  • Fast delivery
  • Superior quality
  • Custom orthoses

The key elements of iBrace technology

3D scan features

Very fast with the iBrace app
Stable and ultra-precise
Lightweight and easy to handle
Simple to use
Scan available at an affordable price.
iPad, iOS 10.0 or higher compatible.

iBrace iOS mobile app features

Most efficient in the industry
Easy to use
Patient history
Multiple options

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Robotized orthosis manufacturing features

State-of-the-art technology
Maximum precision
High quality standards
Quick manufacturing and delivery

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