Back Braces


All of our lumbar and thoracolumbar back braces benefit from the iBrace technology (leads to iBrace Technology page) and are custom-made based on the patient’s unique measurements. With 3D scan measurements and robotized manufacturing, our back braces provide optimal support and comfort to reduce patient healing and recovery time.

  • LSO / TLSO – iB400

Lumbar Back Braces

Ideal for optimizing recovery time after an operation and for supporting the spine, iBrace lumbar (LSO) and thoraco-lumbar (TLSO) braces are designed with great precision to offer the best support. Thanks to 3D scanning, the measurement is made in seconds, without any contact.


  1. Superior quality support and comfort
  2. Stabilization of movements
  3. Reduced healing time
  4. Thin, resistant and efficient
  5. Measurement by 3D scanning
  6. High-quality custom orthotics
  7. Robotic and ultra-precise manufacturing



  1. Spondylolysis and Anterolisthesis
  2. Vertebral fusion
  3. Post-operative device


  1. Arthritis and Arthrodesis
  2. Vertebral fracture
  3. Scoliosis and Decompression
  4. Fusion

Quick Delivery

  1. Measurement in seconds
  2. Design via the iBrace mobile app
  3. High-speed robotic manufacturing
  4. Standard delivery in 3 working days
  5. Express delivery in 24h, 7 days a week
  6. Emergency service for hospitals
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